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Creative Ballet Program

A magical world...

Take a step into the magical world of The Little Ballet Company! Our Creative Ballet program is a uniquely designed dance program, which combines the imaginative and expressive aspects of Creative Children's Dance with the magic and technique of Classical Ballet. Our dance classes are lead by a variety of exciting, and beautiful themes which support your child's imagination, creativity, and artistic expression whilst learning the art of classical Ballet. Our Creative Ballet program is truly unique, from the magical integration of beautiful stories into dance, over the elective choice of music, to the handcrafted props, which are specifically designed to enhance the learning of ballet technique. The process of learning at the Little Ballet Company is hidden behind beautiful themes and imagery. Your child is learning Ballet whilst having fun in a friendly and nurturing environment. Please see below for detailed class descriptions:

Toddler Creative Dance

Ages: 2 - 3.5 yo


Children's carers are welcome to join in the class and fun of their children. Throughout the class we use a variety of beautiful imageries, movement stories, and handcrafted props in order to both illustrate dance movements as well as to stimulate your child’s imagination. Emphasis is on creative movement, musical awareness, rythm, imagination, and fun, whilst children are introduced to first ballet steps, strengthen their body posture, coordination, and balance. This class offers a great foundation from which to immerge into the magical world of classical ballet.

Creative Ballet I, II, III

Ages: 3.5 - 5 yo, 4 - 6 yo, 5 - 7 yo


In this class most children will be comfortable of joining the class without their carers. However, if your child prefers you to be in the room, you are more than welcome to join. 
The class is structured as a combination of classical Ballet and Creative Children’s Dance. Each term we introduce one of our wonderful themes, accompanied by a variety of movement stories, beautiful props, and imagery. Our classes are designed to enhance movement skills, imagination, musical awareness, body posture and control. Children will explore physical concepts such as personal and shared space, directions, rhythm, speed, and energy. The exercises focus on aspects such as balance, body strength, flexibility and coordination whilst children learn first ballet postures and steps.

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