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About LBC Dance Studio

Our aim is to offer to the Cairns community fun and creative dance classes, which focus on the beautiful art, creativity, and magic of Dance. 


Since opening "The Little Ballet Company" with just one class and 3 students in 2014, our dance school has grown and multiplied in size each year, with now offering over 54 dance classes per week, with classes varying from Creative Ballet, Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop, Acro & Cheer, Drama & Singing classes. To accommodate the growth and diversity of classes and ages taught at our dance school, we adjusted our name to LBC Dance Studio in 2019. Whilst LBC Dance Studio offers a variety of different dance classes, the school has a very strong focus on Classical Ballet and it is the only school in Cairns offering ballet classes int the Russian Vaganova style (Australian Conservatoire of Ballet syllabus). 

In 2021 LBC Dance Studio merged with Centre Stage Dance Studios combining both schools into one Studio in 2022 with Sabine as the principal. Whilst our school has grown, we still like to keep our class sizes small in order to allow students to have individual attention, to allow our teachers to get to know each individual student and tailor the way we teach to them so they have the best opportunity to thrive. We are dedicated to create a supportive learning environment where every child shines. As we strongly believe that children should experience the joy off dance as kids, we ensure that themes, costumes, and music matches a child's world of experience and interests. All our themes, costumes and music choices are child appropriate, and we love our students to be natural and not masked with an overload of make-up. Our philosophy of patience and positivity encourages our students and gives them a great sense of accomplishment as they progress. We value the creative input of our students and welcome them to be co-creators. Watch your child’s confidence grow as they experience the joy of dance and friendship in a supportive and nurturing learning environment. 

Each year, children will have the choice to participate in our relaxed end of year concert. Our dance concerts are a fun and exciting experience for our students, providing your child with the opportunity to explore all the creative and exciting aspects, that come along with developing and performing a magical ballet tale. They are a beautiful and joyful celebration of our young dancers. 

I strongly believe in the magic of dance and it's benefits for ones social, emotional, and physical well-being: Dance lets you travel through beautiful stories and worlds, it connects people, it inspires, it strengthens children's self- confidence, promotes a positive self- esteem and simply makes one happy, if taught and learned through the love and passion for dance, in a fun and non- competitive environment.

I'd love to also welcome you and your child/ren to our dance school. Just contact me and try one of our dance classes for free.


Miss Sabine

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